Cool White Filament Torpedo: A Blend of Modern and Classic

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Cool White Filament Torpedo: A Blend of Modern and Classic

Looking for a “Torpedo” light for your home that will help keep its retro look while displaying a modern twist? StarLED’s LED Filament Torpedo gets the job done. While most torpedo shaped bulbs come in warm white (3000K), StarLED’s LED Filament Torpedo comes in a cool white (6000K) color. The LED Filament Torpedo is a 40W equivalent, using only 4W to capture 400 lumens. This ensures that the bulb is just as bright as an incandescent as well as using less power.

Why Choose a Cool White Filament Torpedo?

With a lot of homes having chandeliers, people are switching to LEDs because of their incredible benefits over incandescent lighting. However, most companies only sell torpedo filament lights in warm white colors. This limits the look you can achieve in a glass and metal chandelier. With StarLED’s LED Filament Torpedo Light, you can create a new look in an old chandelier or sconce. With cool white, you can have an antique chandelier with a modern twist.

Along with giving a unique look to your fixtures, StarLED’s LED Filament Torpedo also has plenty of advantages. Along with using far less energy than an incandescent and emitting the same amount of lumens, the torpedo light also lasts longer. Compared to its incandescent counterpart, StarLED’s LED Filament Torpedo has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. This makes it so that you don’t have to switch out your light bulb as frequent. Also, with little heat dissipated from the StarLED LED Filament Torpedo, your air conditioning won’t work as hard.

With StarLED’s LED Filament Torpedo, you get a high-quality bulb that lasts long without the drawbacks of an incandescent or CFL. On top of that, we stand by our product by offering an unheard of 5 year warranty.

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